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Your car transmission is one of the most complicated parts in your vehicle, there are many parts that can break or malfunction, therefore if not paroperly maintained it may be the part that is most proned to breaking. Furthermore it is unsafe to drive a car with malfunctioning transmission, the automobile may drive while the shifter is set to neutral or roll when it is set to park. Certanly, steps can be taken in order to make sure your transmission will last a long time without any significant problems...

Reasons for transmission failure

Overheating: Most ussualy transmission fails due to overheating, as the transmission fluid overheats it will leave resedue on moving parts and cause the gears to overheat metal parts to warp. Old overheated transmission oil will burn up and cause it to loose it's lubricating qualities. Gaskets that are exposed to exxesive heat will start to leak transmission fluid causing the transmission to overheat even further.

Heavy load: Heavy towing, driving in improper gear or overloading the transmission by spinning tires in mud or snow may lead to transmission failure. Reving up your engine prior shifting to drive.

Improper maintenance: Too low or high transmission fluid, improper transmission rebuilding, use of the wrong fluid.


Signs of need for service: If your transmission is making unusual sound or noise while shifting gears, takes some time to engage after the gear is switched, car is jittery or hesitant when accelerator is applied. Car still seems to be being pushed even after brakes are applied. Parking space shows signs of leaked fluids where your car is/was parked. Other symptoms may also be present.


Proper service: If the transmission is serviced by a good mechanic shop before total failure, it may be not as expensive as repacing the entire transmission. DO NOT WAIT untill you are stranded somewhere on the side of the road and need to beBuy voltarol tablets. Good mechanic can fix your transmission before it is too costly. Maintenance service sutch as transmission fluid change is essential for the good mechanical condition of the transmission.


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